Title: Aquatichaos

Platform: PC

Genre: Shoot Em Up

Aquatichaos is a new 2D arcade style shoot em up with an aquatic theme, starring a transforming super powered fish on a mission to stop an nanobot experiment gone wrong before they destroy the ocean and all life under the sea. Sound ridiculous? Well it is, and that is why its awesome!

  • Colorful 2D Artwork
  • Classic arcade shooter game mechanics
  • Multiple powerups that transform your fish
  • 8 nautical levels
  • Gigantic boss battles
  • Lots of fish

There are 5 power up states, your normal standard shot which you start out with, then 4 other weapon types. Grabbing a new power up changes the appearance of your fish to match its newly acquired power. Each successive pick up of the same power up will increase the power of the shot.

More to come.



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