Blockchain Breaker Beta






Welcome to the Blockchain Breaker Beta!

Debug Buttons

8 – Toggles Difficulty.

9 – Toggles selected Ball.

0 – Toggles selected Paddle.

1 – Sets controls to Mouse.

2 – Sets controls to Keyboard.

3 – Sets controls to Gamepad (only works if game detects a Gamepad).

Current Version 0.9.0
Known Issues

  • Coin blocks do not display damage properly, but still break after the proper number of hits.
  • Impact sounds still play when ball collides with unbreakable blocks while moving to next level.
  • First music track loops, plays for a few seconds before moving onto next music track.
  • Ball still affected by button press after start of play (left in as a sort of “debug” in case ball needs to be nudged).
  • Delay from press of button after paddle destroyed and restored.
  • Placeholders still in place for last 2 Balls and Paddles under Unlockables.
  • Difficulty slider in options does not work properly but should not effect gameplay. Can be toggled in game.


Windows (32-bit)

Please send all feedback via the form found here.