Upon the announcement of this installment in the Star Wars game franchise there was an equal share of cheers and jeers. Mainly from the die hard fan camp we had many expressing their utter horror at such a thing. I however… thought the idea was kinda cool. Why wouldn’t I want to play a game where I can swing my arms and swing a lightsaber on screen and not have it be on a Wii? Fast forward to the present and the game is out on store shelves. Pretty much every gaming review outlet has posted reviews that tend to be on the bad side of the grading scale. I’m not too surprised by this and it makes me wonder if the game itself is really that bad or if it’s just the Kinect stigma that many have attached to the peripheral device that has allowed 360 gamers to share some of the gaming mechanics the Wii has enjoyed since 2006. I think I tend to see many automatically assume a game being designed specifically for the platform is going to be gimmicky and stupid but for that matter is it really just because its a game for the kinect or that its genuinely a bad game? Where I can perfectly understand this when the feature is haphazardly tacked on near the end of development but for a game that had the feature in mind from day one I think it needs to be given a little more credit. Unfortunately my views are only those of any outsider as I have yet to take the plunge and buy a Kinect Sensor but for the most part I see nothing but opportunity while others see nothing but failure and it only makes me wonder.