bg1_640x480 Looks like I can use what I learned in Lighting Design for this stuff, so that is not a complete waste lol. I really did enjoy the lighting design aspect of theatrical design because you were essentially ‘painting’ the mood of the scene with how much light and what color gel you used, even the use of a gobo could help set the mood. 3DS Max’s standard light lister allows for quite a bit of flexibility in that respect since you can focus and color your light sources individually however I’m not quite sure if shadows work the same way as they do in real life. Possibly that is left for photometric lighting which I have not even toyed with, we’ll see when I take Intermediate Modeling in my 4th term.

This background was originally conceived as a concept for a indie game I was helping somebody out with graphics for but they decided they didn’t want something this detailed for it. I thought it would have been a perfect match to be honest.