I’ve only recently been getting the hang of the pretty powerful editing tool that Bethesda has made available to the PC community in the Creation Kit, so its been a journey of trial and error to figure out all the best ways to do things and how it all works. Not to mention learn the changes that have been made to NIFSkope and how it creates Creation Engine compatible NIF meshes. Its a whole new game compared to how Oblivion handled them, thats for sure.

My first quest in bettering my Skyrim experience and not to mention get more acquainted with creating meshes for game content… is to add back in some of the legacy armor and weapon types that have been in the Elder Scrolls series but removed in future entries in the series. For you non TES fans, this includes Silver and Adamantium. I was kind of disappointed when I found out they had removed Silver armor from Skyrim only giving us a sword and great sword for that material type that has been in the series since Arena so what better way to remedy that then add it back in? On a plus side, many developers have said the best way to gain more experience in game design is to mod mod mod.