I had finished my previous low poly model with several drastic changes from the previous picture posted on my blog, I’ll post those after the jump, however I started and completed another one as part of an XNA project I want to try and make a reality. I’ve definitely gotten more competent at working in lower polygonal limits with this new one being 790 triangles (still haven’t gotten to under 600) and only taking me about 2 days to complete and fully texture. I have several other components to make but I have my image planes all set for their creation so I think i’m on track! This character pictured to the left is the player character for a side scrolling shooter from my Chronicles of Terrus universe, as of yet I havn’t decided whether to give him a distinctive name or just a nameless space marine. Depends on whether or not I can get any workable code written before I can get to the story bound details.

Some other angles and new renders of previous model