I’ve had Mudbox since I had gotten my Autodesk Education Suite back in 2010 but never really went about truly learning the software due to hardware issues and because I found zBrush to be a much better tool for 3D Sculpting. I do not however have zBrush since graduating from my Animation program so Mudbox has had to do. Now that I have a computer with enough power to run a sizeable sculpture I’ve dove in to learning the ins and outs of Mudbox. I’ve been experimenting with sculpting a shield within the program after building a basic bare bones “shield blank” if you will in Max and after several hours of sculpting and painting I have come up with this:

The high poly version looks great from my stand point, but when the normals are baked onto the lower poly blank with the reduced poly version I exported from Mudbox it doesn’t quite look as nice. And there is a weird crease on the bottom of the shield that breaks up the eye pattern which I’m not entirely sure why this is occuring but it is. One problem I’ve encounted in Mudbox that I didn’t in zBrush is painting and sculpting bleeding over to the back faces, I’ll have to look more into this.

I’m not entirely sure how the Specular painting layer is suppose to work as the outputted file I got looked horrible and required some editing in photoshop and still doesn’t look as nice on the lower poly model. I’m unsure of what the proper way to paint Specular is in Mudbox but I’ll find out as I Dabble. With that said… this is still a work in progress as I’ve omitted a few elements for the sake of creating the main feature of the shield which is that howlingly angry looking face on the front. My end goal is to load this into some sort of game engine, be it Unity, Unreal 3 or Skyrim and see how it looks under the ingame renderer. More to come as its finished!