With E3 2015 still in full swing, I’ve gotten the modeling bug again. Due to working and life in general I hadn’t gotten much modeling done let alone kept up with regularly making posts. What I hope to accomplish in my free time is to finish this model here. I had started it about a year ago and just never got around to finishing it in Mudbox, it currently clocks in at over 2 million faces at a subdivision level of 6 in Mudbox but it still looks pretty rough and in some serious need of polishing before I can export the normals and bake them onto a much lower poly version.

A little background information on this piece might be necessary. What it is suppose to depict is my interpretation of the Nuckelavee. What exactly is a Nuckelavee? Well it is a mythological creature from nuckelavee_wip6Scottish folklore, a type of water elf that terrorizes villages situated close to oceans or brackish waters. It appears from a distance to be a man upon a horse as the Nuckelavee is a shapeshifter… however if you couldn’t tell they are not particularly good at it as they usually are malformed or incomplete (in this case its a torso sticking out of a horse’s back) and their skin is nuckelavee_wip7transparent leaving their musculature and exposed bones visible along with thick black veins. Another characteristic from the lore is they smell awful and one of the best indicators that one is around is a tremendously bad smell.

With background information out of the way what is left to do here? Well as mentioned their skins is transparent. I have most of the musculature shaped and jagged bones and the overall corpse like look. I hope to use mudbox to texture muscle fibers and veins to further the effect before I begin to paint the model. When that is all out of the way the next challenge will be to rig a model that is essentially a biped torso attached to a quadruped skeleton which should be interested.