So I’ve written some methods to randomize the type of block and its rotation when called so that the grids can be initialized and setup at the start of the scene. As you may or may not notice I’ve filled in the hole in the center of the grid. I made this choice after seeing how setting the blocks made the game unplayable because the permutations often resulted in dead ends. Even with more blocks to work with per floor I’m having trouble with what it puts down and where, I need to streamline this a bit so that the game is winnable. What that also entails in scripting it so that only one drain can be placed per floor (currently it seems to not want to place any), which is the block used to get to the floor below. I also need to iron out some bugs with the Reserve element which allows the player to swap out a block, which currently only changed the type of block in the reserve window and not on the play field. More to come as it comes along.