Picture this… you’re a squirrel collecting acorns to feed your family in preparation for winter while running, jumping, swinging, bouncing and stomping your way to the exit with your haul. That sums up the game that is known as Little Acorns, a fun little platformer for your phone. In this case the Windows Phone 7.

Graphically the game is cartoony and colorful with a boxy theme for all the characters and items throughout. Its simple and doesn’t need to be any other way because it works. What it does lack though is animation. Your squirrel is a rounded boxy little guy and besides the squash, stretch and rotation involved with his sprite there isn’t much else going on with your character and this generally applies to all the other enemies in the game, not really an issue but it adds to the simplicity in artistic design none the less.

Game play is fairly simple. You maneuver your squirrel through each stage collecting all the acorns present to unlock the exit door before the timer runs out. While you’re on your quest for acorns, you have enemies impeding your progress including spiders, spitball shooting racoons and bees. Getting hit by these guys doesn’t kill you it just slows you down and time is very important in Little Acorns as the timer hitting zero leads to failing the level. Along with the usual running and jumping the game throws in grapple points which you can swing from with a rope and springs to help propel your squirrel to normally unreachable platforms. One thing your squirrel can’t do is swim… so falling into water is an instant level fail. In addition to the acorns, upon collecting all of them you’ll have 5 fruits pop up which when collected and the level is finished add bonus acorns and unlock accessories for your squirrel including mustaches, fezs, new textures for your rope and other goofy customization allowing for a custom squirrel as you play through.

Little Acorns utilizes the phone’s touch screen for controls with on screen control buttons. The controls are basic involving two directional buttons, a jump button and a pause button up by the timer. While responsive the controls sometimes are too sensitive and you may end up running your squirrel into a pool of water or into a spider you’re trying to avoid.

Little Acorns is a simple and fun game with a lot to do in it. The game has 80 levels to keep you occupied along with times to beat and accessories to unlock so it won’t be a short romp through its colorful worlds and at $0.99 on the market place its quite a steal.