It’s been well over 11 years since Toy Story 2 graced the silver screen, I saw Toy Story 3 in 3D just yesterday and it was exactly what I expected from Pixar, a quality movie and a quality “threequel” to boot.  I read about what it took to make Toy Story 3 and it’s pretty interesting. The original rigs and models they had used 11 years ago for Toy Story 2 were incompatible with the current software they use so everything had to be recreated for the movie, amazingly I couldn’t tell the difference however Buzz Lightyear did have a helluva lot more detail and as they stated in the article he was made up several pieces instead of a single mesh. As for the human element in the films the Hair and Fur modifier they use now is definitely well beyond what they used in the original 2 films.  Now, I didn’t have to see it in 3D but I felt compelled to dish out the extra $2 to see just how different it made the experience. It was cool, unlike some other “3D” movies where the effect was thrown on half hazardly close to premier, Toy Story 3 used it very well. On a more professional note I have to wonder what all goes into the creation of content for the Real D technology and more importantly the new technologies video game companies are going to be employer when the 3D Fad hits game consoles. I wonder where it’s gonna fall on me when I finally get a job in the industry, just what am I gonna have learn or for that matter will I be involved at all? I think it’s important to wonder these things since if the “fad” actually catches on for a while I may just be involved in it somehow.