I’ve started my 6th and final term for the animation program and I’ve just finished the first of 11 weeks until I’m finished. It’s not long at all.

We have Animation Studio as one of the most intensive classes for the term and I’m going with the modeling track. Since Game Art is what I’m shooting for I decided to make my capstone video game based as in I’m going to focus on creating content for my game except more intensive and of a much higher poly count. Since I have 2 low poly models done I’m pretty far ahead except the plan is to undo the triangulation I did on them so I can create a high poly model with intricate detail from my existing characters to later bake into a normal map to be reapplied to a lower poly model. Seems like more work then is necessary? Well for one it does give a level of detail you can’t achieve with photoshop alone not to mention I’d have examples of low and high poly respectively. I find it exciting, I dunno about you but it should be fun. What I really hope to achieve with this capstone project is to really come up with some great stuff that an employer at a Game Studio can look at and see that I am more then capable of doing the work necessary to be an asset. I really feel confident in what I may achieve with this.

In other news, I’ve gotten some XNA under my belt, the book I acquired recently is pretty good however I feel like the author assumes too much at places, now the book does do a good job of introducing XNA 3.0 but it seemed like he jumped from one way of doing it in Chapter 2 to an entirely different way in Chapters 3 and 4 which didn’t seem to relate at all. I’m like a chapter or so away from starting the 3D aspects but the 2D parts are pretty interesting. I’ll be announcing my bizarre 2D test game in a later post. I guarantee either a good laugh or a raised eyebrow lol.