It feels like forever since I’ve written a new blog entry. I guess life just does that sometimes, you get caught up in just trying to get by especially in the economic state of the US and the lousy job market for artists. I’m hoping to get back to the grind stone and expand on my portfolio. I guess more importantly I need to finally turn this site into something more my style and more in tune with what my original intent was. . . to display my work and my personal projects. So as we get into 2011 I hope to have accomplished a good majority of that and do it well. It might help to read up on CSS and Action Script while we’re at it.

Also of note, I’ve played through some great new indie games that have popped up on Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace (which will from now on be referred to as XBLiG on my site) including: Curse of the Crescent Isle and Soulcaster II. These games really got me rearing to give XNA another shot what with ┬áversion 4.0 of the framework being released, there is much more going for it. I hope to get around all the issues I’ve run into trying to learn C# and XNA and make a working game. More to come on that in the future.