As of late I’ve been watching my fair share of animated films, I enjoy them alot. Especially the 80’s – 90’s Disney and Don Bluth films which I hold in regard as the best that the US has had to offer the animated feature world. But lately all efforts by any of the still active studios in the US have been paltry offerings, from weak artistic direction to awful and shallow story lines. The other problem is the lack of actual work done on any of them by American studios, having all the actual animation work shipped off to some sweatshop animation house off in the orient. What we do have left is cheap attempts to cash in on the ‘Anime’ phenomenon that has swept the country.. for the most part this Americanime is awful and the only decent example is Avatar: the Last Airbender which actually paints a very creative and somewhat original story then the cliche stuff even Japan is pumping out to the outstretched arms of greasy Weeaboo in the US. What I really want to see is a rebirth of classic hand drawn 2D animation like Duck Tales, Secret of Nihm, Ren & Stimpy, Darkwing Duck, Rock-a-Doodle, etc… That is what we need.