I’m pleased to announce that Blockchain Breaker has now entered Beta with the v0.9.0 build. If you would like to contribute to ironing out the bugs and polish up some of the rougher elements please let me know and I’ll send a link to the files. When I’m satisfied with the build I will release the final build on its game page as a free download.


Current Version 0.9.0
Known Issues

  • Coin blocks do not display damage properly, but still break after the proper number of hits.
  • Impact sounds still play when ball collides with unbreakable blocks while moving to next level.
  • First music track loops, plays for a few seconds before moving onto next music track.
  • Ball still affected by button press after start of play (left in as a sort of “debug” in case ball needs to be nudged).
  • Delay from press of button after paddle destroyed and restored.
  • Placeholders still in place for last 2 Balls and Paddles under Unlockables.
  • Difficulty slider in options does not work properly but should not effect gameplay. Can be toggled in game.

More to come.