Just a quick update, I’ve gotten around to fixing a few of the bugs from the prior build v0.9.0. So here are the bug fixes for the latest build v0.9.2.

Current Version 0.9.2

  • Difficulty slider in options works again.
  • Gear assembly animation works as intended.
  • Gear assembly particle emitter for the sparks now visible.
  • Ball launches when button is pressed after paddle is destroyed and restored, no more delay.
  • Impact sound no longer plays when ball collides with unbreakable blocks while moving to next level.

Known Issues

  • Coin blocks do not display damage properly, but still break after the proper number of hits.
  • First music track loops, plays for a few seconds before moving onto next music track.
  • Ball still affected by button press after start of play (left in as a sort of “debug” in case ball needs to be nudged).
  • Placeholders still in place for last 2 Balls and Paddles under Unlockables.


  • Fix coin block animation that shows damage.
  • Figure out why first music track loops for the first few seconds before playing next track.
  • Create new sprites for remaining Balls and Paddles under Unlockables.
  • Make it so the ball doesn’t get stuck in vertical bounces at corners of the screen.
  • Tweak Hash Power power up effect and add remaining power up items.