Longtime no see Cyberspace! Thought it was about time to post again to my much neglected Cryptic Worlds Designs website. I’ve been cramming on relearning some of the basics for Unity3D by taking some online courses through Udemy. I highly recommend checking out GameDev.TV’s Udemy Courses when Udemy has one of their frequent sales. They were worth every penny and helped me greatly in filling in holes I had from being self taught in designing in Unity3D.

I’ve gotten several small projects started and I say small because they’re not as big in scope as the Aquatichaos project in length and came about taking refresher courses to work out all the holes in my memory for scripting in Unity3D and learning the new features of the current build (I’m working in the 2018.1.0b12 beta build for that sweet sweet ProBuilder integration).

marooned_screen1 These projects include Marooned which is going to be a 3D First Person Tower Defense style game which is coming along nicely. With this project I hope bolster my skills in working with Unity’s 3D functions vs the 2D functions that I dove head first into with creating Aquatichaos (which for the time being is on hold). I also plan to use this project as a testing point for learning online multiplayer functions by incorporating upto 3 (maybe 4) players to make some team based strategy for a more fun experience.

Second project is a Breakout clone I’ve titled Blockchain Breaker, a refresher for scripting and becoming better acquainted with Unity’s interfaces. If the title doesn’t give it away, the visuals will. BCB_screen1_wip The theme is a joke about Cryptocurrency because of the craze for it from late 2017. When I first started conceiving the assets, the hype was much larger but I think it’ll still be a fun little game. What sets my version apart from others is how the game handles level progression. Instead of being a scene per scene loadout… the whole game is on one scene. When you break all the blocks in the current level, the playfield raises like an elevator to the next level up till you “shoot for the moon!”. I’ve also implemented a currency system (seen in the top right of the UI) which you gain by collecting small coins that sometimes fall out of broken “bricks”, which I plan to implement an unlockables menu for unlocking some goofier additions.

Thats all I have for now. Keep an eye out for Blockchain Breaker as I’ll probably have a finished build in the next coming weeks.